William Austin of Kent County, Maryland


As presently configured, this database addresses four William Austins: William I born about 1651 who married Elizabeth; William II born about 1689 who married Elizabeth; William III born about 1710 who married Mary Cleaves; and William IV born about 1738 who married first Elizabeth Green, and second, Ann Jones.

This lineage summarizes the 3 decade research of descendant Colonel Hal Steiner, now deceased, and many other contributors, and the recognition that the lineage is in need of further research. Recently, James Alwyn "Jim" Austin of Lompoc, California, using early immigration records and the content of the "Lonesome Bible" of William G. Austin, submitted the results of his research suggesting a plausible alternate lineage. For a better understanding of Jim Austin's research, direct links are provided below to his 3 research documents.

Genealogy of William Austin of Kent Co., MD
William Austin of Philadelphia, PA (who Jim Austin suggests may be the husband of Ann Jones).
Genealogy of William Austin of Ireland (who Jim Austin suggests may be the father of the husband of Elizabeth Green).

DNA testing of some William Austin of MD descendants has shown a perfect 25 marker match with the tests of some descendants of Samuel Austin of MA (bold names identify other AFAOA databases). DNA tests of descendants of William & Elizabeth and William & Ann show a strong match (3 differences in 37 markers) to each other, and 5 to 6 differences to Samuel Austin of MA descendants. This indicates that all of these three possibly different William Austins share, with Samuel Austin, a common, however remote ancestor back in England.

Link to Database DNA Testing Data.

Two or more DNA tests have been run on this database, additional testing is available to a male Austin in this line, to order a test contact the DNA group administrator.

AFAOA Genealogist Liz Austin Carlin is working with Jim Austin and other researchers to resolve these various families. As compiler, please contact Liz for any additions or corrections.

Please note: For privacy reasons, this database follows the criteria for living people.

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