Thomas Austin of New Kent Co., Virginia


Thomas Austin with an unnamed wife and two sons arrived in America by 1642. He was born in England about 1600, and died testate in New Kent County, Virginia before 1668, bequeathing 300 acres to his sons Richard and John. Richard repatented the same 300 acre tract in 1668 being the sole survivor, his brother John having died without issue previously. Richard Austin's sons included Richard and John, who left New Kent County and migrated to Southside Virginia in Amelia County by 1738, then on to Brunswick County, Virginia by 1740.

For many years, descendants have been aware of John Austin, Sr. (1692-1759) and his brother Richard Austin (1790-1759) both of whom left Wills in Lunenburg County, Virginia. Thomas is their great grandfather…so they are three levels below Thomas. It is now known that the White County Tennessee Austins descend from Richard Austin (1790-1759).

DNA testing of descendants of William and Milley (Dalton) Austin of Anderson County, Tennessee (William being an alleged son of John Austin, Jr.), a descendant of the Bartholomew Austin family of Virginia, and descendants of the White County, Tennessee Austins has shown that these families present a "perfect" DNA match (37 out of 37 markers) indicating they share a common ancestor.

With the recent advent of significant research by John Clinard and Jane Bruckner (as presented at the 2013 AFAOA Convention in Austin, Texas) together with this DNA evidence, a link to the John Austin, Sr. of Southside, VA database has been established to the White County Austins of TN database as follows:

Starting with Richard4 (Richard3, Richard2, Thomas1), the Clinard/Bruckner research adds a 7th child Nathaniel Austin as the name of the unknown father of the nine children that begin the White County Austins of TN database, enabling the combination of the White County genealogy records with those of John Austin, Sr. (2013)

Continuing research and DNA testing has proven that the former database William & Elizabeth Austin of Craven Co., SC can now be merged with this database, Thomas Austin of VA. William Austin is the 4th son of Richard2 (2017).

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