Unplaced Southern Austins


The Unplaced databases are collections of Austin families which have not as yet been linked into any of the known immigrant Austin lines. Initially, these databases were very large, but as time went on, more was learned about them from AFAOA research, contributions from other Austin researchers, and recently, from DNA analysis which allowed breaking them out into stand-alone databases on this site. This database collects "unplaced" Austin lines living below the Mason-Dixon line.

AFAOA Genealogist Liz Austin Carlin, acting as compiler, continues to review the contents of this database with the intent of eliminating redundant entries, adding data wherever possible from the Association's paper archives and contributions from other researchers. Please send her any corrections, updates, etc.

Please note: For privacy reasons, this database follows the criteria for living people.

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non-Austin (by last name): (none)-(none) * (none)-Boy * Boy-Coo * Coo-Fer * Fer-Ham * Ham-Jen * Joh-May * May-Ove * Owe-Rob * Rob-Spi * Spi-War * Was-Zim

Austin (by first name): Ada-Ali * Ali-Bry * Buc-Dia * Doc-F. * Fan-Het * Hez-Jes * Jes-L. * L. -Mar * Mar-Nan * Nan-Ron * Ron-Tho * Tho-Wil * Wil-twi

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