Robert Austin of Kingston, Washington Co., Rhode Island


Edith Austin Moore's book A Genealogy of the Descendants of Robert Austin of Kingstown, Rhode Island serves as the basic source for this Austin Line. The entire contents of this book were digitized by Lloyd C. Austin in 1992.

In the preface of the book, Moore states, "Judge John Osborne Austin of Providence, Rhode Island, has given us the first four generations of the descendants of Robert Austin in his Genealogical Dictionary of Rhode Island." Because there are no birth or death dates given by Moore for the first 3 generations down from Robert, positive proof that Robert Austin was the ancestor of this family is not found.

Judge Austin's genealogy lists 4 sons of Robert. DNA testing of three of the four son's lines have come back with matching DNA. The Edward, Jeremiah, and Joseph lines have matching DNA making it likely that they had a common father. The belief that this was Robert is well founded. It is expected that future tests of the John line could tie all four sons together.

DNA testing has also shown that there is a good chance that there is a common ancestor with another early New England Austin family headed by Jonah/Jonas Austen who came to New England with his family in 1634 and settled in Taunton, Mass (see AFAOA database Jonah Austin of Taunton, MA). However, there are no Robert's in the early Jonah generations or names from the Robert line in the Jonah line so the common ancestor is probably back in England.

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