Nathaniel Austin of Greenville, South Carolina


Nathaniel Austin was born about 1720 possibly in York, England. He married twice, first Mary Manning who gave birth to two sons in England, and after immigrating to Virginia around 1750, 3 more sons. Nathaniel married his second wife Agnes Dickenson in 1754 after Mary died around 1753 in Louisa Co., Virginia, and had 5 more sons plus his only daughter.

This daughter, Mary Rebecca, was killed at age 17 years during an Indian raid of the village while returning home from a quilting party at a neighbor's home. Nathaniel obtained a Royal Grant in 1769 for 500 acres of land on the Little River (later named Gilder's Creek) where he built his home called "The Gilder Plantation". It was located one and a half miles inside Indian Territory in Austin Township, South Carolina. This area became Greenville in 1784.

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