Jason Lee Austin of Mundy Twp., Genessee Co., Michigan


Jason Lee Austin was born 11 Jun 1800 in Connecticut, and died 1 Oct 1888 in Mundy Twp., Genessee Co., Michigan. He was one of the first permanent settlers in Mundy Twp. He married first, Eunice Page, born 1 Aug 1802 in Rocky Hill, Hartford Co., Connecticut, and died 22 Mar 1864 in Mundy, Genessee Co., Michigan. Together, they had 8 children. After Eunice died, Jason married Rosanna Whitman on 30 Dec 1866 in Midland, Michigan. She was born 1847 in Michigan, and died 22 Mar 1864 in Mundy, Genesee Co., Michigan. With Rosanna, Jason fathered 3 more children.

Originally in the AFAOA archives, this database has recently been updated with the research of Darryl Pepin and Everett L. Austin. In 2005, Everett submitted a DNA sample which placed him with Jonah Austin of Taunton, MA and Robert Austin of Kingston, RI. A subsequent 37 marker YDNA test established that Robert Austin was the earliest known ancestor of this line. Now, all that is required is determining who are the linking individuals that will unite these three lines.

Everett Austin has agreed to become the database compiler so please send him all additions and corrections.

Please note: For privacy reasons, this database follows the criteria for living people.

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