Daniel Austin of Longmeadow, Massachusetts


Daniel Austin of Longmeadow, Massachusetts is listed as the patriarch of this line because of the reference to him in his son's marriage record that appears on page 47 of the NEHGR, Volume 30. Daniel's son, Daniel Jr. was born about 1761, and he died at some time after 1841. Daniel, Jr. married Eunice Allen, born 21 Feb 1761 in Enfield, Connecticut, who died 17 Mar 1833 in Longmeadow. They had four children.

Not long after Eunice Allen died, Daniel Jr. married Charlotte Clark on 8 Sep 1833 at East Windsor, Connecticut. Charlotte Clark was born about 1770, and died after 1841. There were no children resulting from this second marriage.

DNA evidence indicates that Daniel is directly related to the Samuel Austin of Massachusetts line (compiled by Carol R. Austin). So far, no paper documentation showing the connection between the two Austin lines has been established here in the United States. More than likely, they share a common ancestor in England. Further English research is required to also link the William Austin of Maryland line to Samuel and Daniel, again because of DNA evidence.

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